In the beginning, it was just Jonny.  He's had a love for music and singing since before he could mutter any real words, so melody naturally became his passion and forte.  He followed in his older brother's footsteps and got into songwriting, starting out with a capella pop songs at the age of 12.  To give his melodies the strong musical backing they desperately needed, learning the guitar was the logical next step.  Jonny formed The Foreground in 2005 at age 17, beginning the flow of song from heart to voice for all to hear.  The idea was simple: make powerful connections through honest storytelling, rhythm that moves you, and melody that makes you want to sing along.  His significant musical influences (such as Dashboard Confessional, The Used, The Rocket Summer, Thrice, The Classic Crime, Something Corporate, and even some Hip Hop artists) helped him craft the lyrical melody, imagery, and syncopation that he tries to use in his own writing and music style to this day.


Enter Skitch.  Since the age of 5, Skitch has always wanted to be a performing musician.  It started with piano lessons, progressed to arranging his own music, and finally writing his first full length song at age 12.  From then on he was hooked -- he formed his first piano pop rock band Offkey, and even taught himself how to play the guitar, drums, and bass so he could more effectively write the band’s music.  In between piano albums he played the drums in his alternative rock side group Kustom Built where he first teamed up musically with Jonny.  As they both worked together, they came to understand a lot about songwriting and what inspired each of them.  Although Kustom Built didn’t work out, there was always a lingering desire to someday regroup.  After living overseas for two years, Skitch rejoined Jonny in the States in 2006 and they decided it was time to team up in The Foreground.  Thanks to his diverse influences (such as Yanni, Jim Brickman, Kitaro, Dream Theater, Sevendust, and Tool), Skitch was able to supplement the music with epic piano melodies, offbeat drum ideas, and arrangements that made simple songs sound like an entire orchestra was behind them.  Their first album, "Under The Influence" hit in 2008 -- but the sound wasn't quite where it needed to be.  The band needed people to complement the melodies and rhythm created by the acoustic guitar and piano to create a fuller experience.


Along came Kelly.  Kelly got his first guitar at the age of 10, and has since been addicted. He played by ear for his first 4 years before receiving about a year of lessons. He played local shows, open mic events, and yearly talent shows through middle and high school -- and even created a YouTube channel with about 60 videos.  Kelly auditioned for The Foreground in 2010 by playing the lead guitar part of the band’s fan-favorite song "I Need a Drive" -- and nailed it.  His ability to think outside the box and use alternate rhythm was attention grabbing, and it was clear that he would add just what was needed to take the music to the next level.  His influences (Kamelot, Dream Theater, Nightwish, and Within Temptation) have helped him master intricate guitar parts and sub-melodies, and he loves throwing them in where he can.  As the sound has evolved over the years, Kelly has transitioned to playing bass for The Foreground and continues to push the envelope with refreshing grooves and a low-end that makes an impact.


Queue the drummer.  Ampee began playing the drums at an early age, starting in his elementary school band before getting his first drum set and joining Jazz band in 4th grade.  In 7th grade he started the band 21 Shades of Blue with his friend Brian, where he even taught himself to play guitar and started vocal training.  Later on, when he attended his first year of college, he played drums for a local band for a while, but it didn’t work out.  When he heard that Skitch -- a co-worker and friend prior to college -- was writing a new album with a drummer-less band, he transplanted from Pennsylvania to Utah in order to join forces.  The Foreground needed a percussionist who understood that sometimes "less is more", yet could step up with technical offbeat drumming when needed -- and that’s exactly what Ampee brought to the table.  His influences (such as Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, The Fray, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Three Days Grace) had shaped him into a percussionist who could deliver interactive and propelling rhythms, giving the music a much needed creative (yet fitting) backbone.


The Foreground released the album "Discovery" in 2012 -- the band’s first full length effort as a complete ensemble.  They’ve continued to evolve since then, experiencing many life changes and uncovering new inspiration.  The band has recently completed a brand new studio record -- appropriately titled "Reflect, Evolve, Inspire" -- which is set to release on October 11th, 2016.


With the help of friends and fans, Jonny, Skitch, Kelly, and Ampee hope to share their music with the world.  This is The Foreground.

Our Story and Journey

Although we draw from a variety of musical influences and backgrounds, our styles are complementary and create a sound that is uniquely our own.